Join us for CascadiaJS 2022, our 10-year anniversary event, at Sunriver Resort in Bend, OR!

Pre-Conf Meetup (Oct 14)

Join us for a very special CascadiaJS pre-conference meetup! Hangout with fellow conference attendees, enjoy some awesome lightning ⚡️ talks and start to get excited for CascadiaJS 2021!

  • Date: Thursday, Oct 14th
  • Time: 6:00pm - 8:30pm PST
  • RSVP: Open to everyone

Agenda (All times in PDT)

This meetup is FREE to attend, but if you choose to pay for a ticket, ALL PROCEEDS will go to benefit the CascadiaJS 2021 Scholarship Fund.

Interest in SPEAKING at this event? Submit a lightning talk idea to the Pan-Cascadia JS Meetup CFP.

Lightning Talks

DevOps and CI/CD demystified for Javascript

Photo of Jeremy Meiss

Jeremy Meiss

CI/CD enables teams to establish processes that increase velocity, collaboration, and quality of their codebase. Learn the fundamentals of CI/CD and DevOps for Javascript developers.

Temporal: React Suspense for the Backend

Photo of Swyx

Shawn Swyx Wang

React helped lead a revolution in frontend frameworks toward reusable, predictable components. However the backend is still a wild hairball of microservices and serverless components. What would React-ifying the backend look like?

The Bright Side of ShadowRealms

Photo of JDD

John-David Dalton

ShadowRealms are Stage 3 and coming to a canary/nightly browser near you! In this lighting talk I'll cover what ShadowRealms are and why they are totally awesome!

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