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Functional Programming in Node.js

Photo of Eve
  • When: Monday, Nov 8 (9am - noon)
  • Where: Online / Zoom
  • Level: Intro
  • Instructor: Eve Porcello

While JavaScript is not strictly a functional programming language, understanding how functional programming can be applied to Node.js projects can yield more readable and testable code. In this workshop, we’ll introduce you to the basics of functional JavaScript then we’ll get right into hands-on practice to build and test our own Node.js apps. We’ll also compare and contrast object-oriented approaches with functional programming in Node.

Topics Covered

  • Intro to Functional Programming
  • Understanding Functional Techniques
  • Working Array Methods
  • Data Transformation
  • Testing Node.js Functions

What You'll Need

  • A code editor
  • A browser
  • Zoom - the course will be taught using this platform

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