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TypeScript for React Developers

Photo of Ben
  • When: Wednesday, Nov 11 (1pm - 4:30pm)
  • Where: Online / Zoom
  • Level: Intro
  • Instructor: Ben Ilegbodu

TypeScript is a JavaScript superset that compiles down to vanilla JavaScript and has become increasingly popular. TypeScript offers strong typing and compile-time verification to our React applications. As a result, using TypeScript helps eliminate entire classes of bugs that commonly affect our apps.

When adopting new tech for development, we should always focus on the impact to the user. The user doesn’t care what tech we use unless it makes their user experience better (less friction, more delightful, etc.). Users definitely do not want a buggy experience, and of course, neither do we.

Hi, I’m Ben Ilegbodu 👋🏾. In this workshop, you will learn how to use TypeScript to build React applications. But instead of simply covering types and syntax, the workshop will have a focus on how using TypeScript can prevent common bugs that infect our applications.

Maybe you’re concerned about the code health of your app and what to learn how TypeScript can provide confidence in making big changes. Or maybe your team is building a new React application and you want to see if TypeScript makes sense before kicking off the project. Or maybe you’re just questioning whether TypeScript is worth the learning curve when you’re already productive building React applications.

Whether these are your reasons or you have others, you’ll no doubt leave convinced that TypeScript will help you in your current or future React projects.

Get ready to...

  • Learn basic TypeScript types and syntax
  • Define fully type-safe component props
  • Type common React hooks
  • Handle forms and other events
  • ...and many more features that help you write quality code

You’ll need to have...

  • No prior experience with TypeScript is necessary! 🙌🏾
  • Experience building React applications using hooks

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